Something Old & Something New.


As Detheo Photography enters it’s third year, something quite magical has begun to stir. There are changes on the way, and along with a complete rebranding, we will be launching a new package of services and new products.

So in preparation we decided to spend the day photographing the beautiful Fros at one of the two stunning venues we have managed to create a link with.

Down Hall Country House Hotel, has long been a special place for us personally, as it was the setting for many joyous and memorable functions, long before Detheo Photography even started. Yet throughout the years it’s elegance and striking beauty have never faltered and we are honoured to have it on our list of approved locations for many of our future shoots.

With all the new changes and venues, I hear you ask, “where does the old come in?”  Well, in order to compliment the beauty of our environment, it was essential that Fros wore something quite spectacular.

Sixteen years after it was lovingly designed by myself and carefully hand crafted by Maria at Mirror Mirror in Crouch End, London, my own wedding dress made it’s way out of it’s resting place to take centre stage.

And we are sure you will agree,  it proved to be the perfect choice.

We hope you enjoy the images we created just as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Please watch carefully over the next few months as we begin to announce exciting new changes, and special offers for you all to take advantage of.


The Beauty Of Winter

I believe each season brings its own beauty and Winter definitely did not disappoint this week. Waking up feeling quite unwell, I piled on my layers ready to drop the children off to school, promising to return to my sofa and spend the day recuperating.

However, opening my front door I gasped with amazement at the stunning scene that greeted me. With an average temperature of -7 everything had frozen and turned white. I felt like I was stepping into a new, magical world.

With photography running through my blood I knew there was nothing I wanted more than to come back, grab the camera, my buddy Harvey, and head out.

And so we did. Walking through the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside surrounded by crisp, ice covered foliage I only wished we could have many more days like these because they make fantastic backdrops for photoshoots.

Are You Coming To Play?

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