Tragic Accident In Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire.

Detheo Photography wishes to extend its deepest sympathy to the family of the 15yr old girl who was tragically killed at a rail crossing in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire yesterday 28th Jan.


Seasons Greetings From Detheo

"Goose Lane In Winter"

Spinone Italiano Alfie.

For a dog lover like me what better job could there be?

In November I attended the Albury Craft Fair and was approached by a lovely lady wishing to surprise her daughter for Christmas.

She would be looking after her daughters dog for the week before Christmas and wanted to have a secret photoshoot.

Now,  I always say the secret ingredient to photographing dogs is to build a connection with them.

So, I get to play with them and photograph them! However when I went to meet Alfie, the 18month old Spinone Italiano on 21st December

he took building a connection to a whole new level. I have never had my ears licked quite as much but must confess it was kind of nice.

Unfortunately, to add to the constant drizzle that day, the sky remained a very murky grey color so we spent sometime working indoors

with images by the Christmas tree. (These will be handy for next years greeting cards!) And then we went outside to watch Alfie really come alive.

I am sure his mum and dad are going to be thrilled with their surprise on Christmas day!

Albury Craft Fair

Another weekend over and my feet are killing me!

It was a steady turn out and a great chance to meet so many lovely people.

If, like me you enjoy making things just for fun, you can appreciate just how much hard work goes into the things the stall holder at these craft shows make. And they definitely had some fantastic things.  Of course I have all their cards and will be getting in touch to help start my Christmas shopping.

Pam who organized event met me earlier this year at the A120 Veterinary Center tea party, which was in aid of the BLUE  CROSS charity.  It is important for any new company to publicise  their services as much as possible, especially around the local area.  With Detheo being such a unique service, it does make that even harder, as it is very difficult to get across just how personalised the service really is.

Yes, I am a photographer specialising in Pet Photography. However, I also photograph family groups and children, have covered various events and undertake both private and corporate commissions. I also make  by hand greeting cards using my photography, and the list goes on.

In addition to having the opportunity to advertise my service I also met a fellow photographer, with whom, I was to discover, I have so much in common.

Adrian Neal,  is a fantastic photographer who has been delivering some of the most stunning images for a very long time. He also happens to have covered many Greek weddings including some from my own family. And it is without a shadow of a doubt that, unless you have been to one, you just cannot begin to imagine the formalities that these weddings still hold.

So I look forward to keeping in touch with Adrian and maybe learning from him along the way.

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