A Little Play Time With My New Lens

It has been quite a while since I set my heart on purchasing the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens, and finally two weeks ago it arrived. Unfortunately, it’s arrival coincided with a slight deterioration in my recovery which meant I was not able to get out to try it until more recently.

Having now had that opportunity, I can honestly say it did not disappoint. I look forward to being able to take this lens out much more when my health improves even further. In the mean time here are a few of the image I have recently taken with it.


This Is What Detheo Photography Was Born To Do

Photography for me, as for many others is a very personal journey and Detheo Photography was very much the launch pad of that journey. The emotion and power that images can evoke is something I have always felt passionate about and I wanted to share the passion with others, to enable them too, to feel the connection with their images as I have with mine.

However, a journey cannot start at the end and the path between the two can be both exciting, yet sometimes, very frustrating.

One of the many things I love as a photographer is meeting people from all walks of life and of course, getting to know the many animals I have the pleasure to photograph.  A key part of working with animals is learning to respect the creature before you, and the ability to build a connection between our two species. As mammals we instinctively understand the meaning behind the general, everyday movements and sounds made by other humans. However, these same sounds and movements have very different meanings within the Canine, Feline and Equine worlds. Therefore, in order to successfully photograph these animals, one must first learn a basic form of communication and understand the importance of developing a relationship between themselves and the animal.

Whilst I must say that I do not proclaim to be an expert in this field,  it is my commitment to the development of these relationships that I believe allows me to capture the images that I do and will provide the foundations which will enable me to continue to grow and become the photographer I aspire to be.

With all this in mind, it goes without saying how touched I was to receive the following email. At a time when life has been a little rocky, this email reminded me to remain true to the values that I held form the start and remain focused on the path I have already chosen.

For those of you who ave already read the post titled “The Original Canine Clown” you will be familiar with my introduction to the wonderful Bogey and his friend Ross. This email was received from Bogey’s dad Matt.

“I booked Bogey and Ross in with Maria as I wanted some portraits of our dogs at the reception of my upcoming wedding to Tracy. I wanted the dogs to be with us in spirit as they couldn’t physically be there and I knew from previous experience that Maria was able to get the best out of each animal, and in particular boxers.

On the day of the shoot Bogey was his usual ball of relentless energy and Ross was his usual sullen and aloof self.  Maria alternated her style and approach to make each dog feel at ease. She encouraged and coerced Ross into some awesome photos, with Ross looking unusually natural and at ease. He is usually mistrusting of strangers and always reluctant to be the center of attention, yet Maria knew exactly how to handle him in order to get the exact type of shots I’d requested.

Bogey was a different story..throughout the entire shoot Bogey typified a boxer puppy..he wouldn’t sit still, pose or do very little I asked of him…Maria gave him free reign to be himself and clearly knew this approach was best. It led to the most fantastic shots of Bogey at play and at rest. She even managed to get him to pose for the shots I’d requested. Nothing was too much trouble for her. It was a very relaxed and comfortable shoot which I think transferred to the dogs.

Once it was over, i had given Maria a very tight deadline, yet she worked tirelessly to get the photos to me in time for the wedding…what can I say about the photos? They were amazing. So much more than I hoped for. Maria was really able to capture the very different personalities of each dog and it became so difficult to actually pick our favorites.

The photos of our two boys took pride of place at our wedding reception and Tracy was absolutely speechless when she saw them. The dogs are a special part of our lives, and thanks to Maria’s skill and hard work, they were a special part of the greatest day of our lives.

I cannot recommend her work enough and Tracy, Bogey and I will be booking back in soon for some ‘family’ portraits.    Matt”

It was a pleasure to photograph Bogey and Ross (and even Matt) and I truly look forward to seeing them again in the future.

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