MAST Commission

A huge thank you to MAST – Maritime Asset Security And Training, Endeavour House, Stansted Airport for the latest commission to capture images related to the commercial shipping industry.

It was a crazy three day mission, straight off the back of the fantastic two day course, and one that taught me a a lot about the industry itself.

I was focusing on the Port Of Felixstowe, which meant trying to find good vantage points to work from. Starting in Harwich, I worked early, before sunrise which proved quite eery. Those boats make some strange noises and when it is dark they can make you jump!

Second stop was Shotley Marina, probably my favorite of the locations I used. The views from the Marina were amazing, but the scenery traveling back and forth there was breath taking.

My final stop was Felixstowe itself where I found perfect visibility from the public viewing platform and took time to also visit Landguard Fort which offered great photographic opportunities.

Unusually for me, I had the tables turned on me by two young girls who happened to be out with their youth group, working on photography. They took my picture, which makes a change and I wish them all the best for the future.

So, keep an eye out for some of the  images, which hopefully will be available to view in the next week or so.


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